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  • Kassie - Thursday 29 December 2016 20:45Reply
    Just Asnoig!Yku are a bitch just like your fat mama Janet Nguyen the gang boss. You need to be bitch slapped out of your stupidity.
  • Rope - Thursday 29 December 2016 20:43Reply
    Most of the German politicians seem well educated and many have a dr. in front their names. If you had followed the German news at all in the last 12 months, you would know that the &qDuq;uR&toot; currency, like the Euro, is somewhat debased and in need of a rescue plan. Especially the title of Doctor at . (That's the most glaring example, but not the only one).
  • Klondike - Thursday 29 December 2016 19:39Reply
    What I would do if I was you, but I’m not, is I would confront my parents and be set on dating my girlfriend but also respectful and polite to them. I have very strict parents too and I’m not having the best time with them but weigh the od803#d2&s; if being with your girl is important to you then let your parents know. Then give them some time. They will come around eventually.
  • Roxy - Thursday 29 December 2016 19:35Reply
    The best resource for you is the wtiebse, but in lieu of that here is the basics Base Prius no smart-key, no VSC(Vehicle Stability Control), no cruise controlMost common is Package #2 Cruise control, Heated outside mirrors, upgraded stereo with 6-speakers, smart-key system, and in current year and late 2008 models, backup camera with VSC.Once you get package #5 or 6, you get the DVD navigation system with an upgraded audio system, HID lights with package #6 including Leatehr.Hope this helps.Ken
  • Kassie - Thursday 29 December 2016 18:48Reply
    Great insthgi. Relieved I'm on the same side as you.
  • Snowy - Thursday 29 December 2016 18:46Reply
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  • Jase - Thursday 29 December 2016 18:45Reply
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  • Viney - Thursday 29 December 2016 18:42Reply
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  • Eliza - Thursday 29 December 2016 18:41Reply
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  • Ziggy - Thursday 29 December 2016 18:38Reply
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